Marinha não pode tabelar preço do serviço de praticagem no Brasil

A autoridade marítima brasileira não pode fixar valores máximos, em caráter permanente, para os preços do serviço de praticagem prestado nas zonas portuárias. Está ressalvada, porém, a possibilidade de o poder público intervir na atividade para garantir a sua continuidade


“ If a vessel is at light displacement, the propeller may break surface and cause a decrease in transverse force in the upper arc. When the ship has little way on, the propeller frequently draws air from the surface when appreciable power is applied, and experiments have shown that the effect is the same as if the blade broke the surface. In either case it is as though the blade were working in a less dense medium. The shallow submergence effect, then, is to tend to move the stern to starboard and cause the ship to veer to the left.
Experience shows that most single-screw ships have a tendency to turn to the left when going ahead. ”

Naval Shiphandling